You are the artist, the medium, and the art…

Within you is an extraordinary spectrum of Being… 
a wealth of landscapes vaster than your beautiful mind can comprehend. 

Artful Practice of Being is an invitation: to open your awareness to the vast range of landscape within and around you. To awaken your innate creativity to the potential embedded in the lush palette of life. To become more intimate with your heart as a portal—of love, of course, along with discovery, revelation, wonder, wholeness, joy, peace, freedom, and so much more.

Art naturally arises from meetings of the personal and universal. The meeting place is in the heart, lending artfulness to whatever you do when you’re present here, in the center of your Being. Artfulness is an act of love: an ongoing choice to open beyond the personal and live in the light of the universal. 

There needn’t be any object at all in the wake of our Doing for us to be in artful flow. Any medium is an invitation to practice more deeply… It needn’t be artistic per se; you may feel called to yoga, meditation, gardening, or some other  activity in which you're focused on conscious engagement. 

Artful practice opens your awareness to a broader palette of landscapes in creating your reality in the moment. A delightful consequence is that engaging the seemingly solid dreamscape of this world from a more consciously fluid, creative reality tends to result in art of one form or another.

Among the many blessings of practice is that you get to set the stage for expansive refuge in time and space. You can sidestep for awhile the drama and chaos of daily life: In the simplicity of solitude, you can focus more clearly on your own impulses, inner voices, longings, and callings; feel the contours of the life-force flowing within; and through whatever means evoke your passion and wonder, engage the realm of form with a fresh sense of connection and possibility.

Through private sessions,workshops, and retreats, I act as a guide in the realm of creativity, sharing meditative and creative practices, and expansive ways of both seeing the world anew and operating from the greater spectrum of Being. It’s an honor to be an usher to fuller potential… The shimmering light of heartful possibility in the eyes of those with whom I share calls me yet more deeply to this work at the core of my own artful practice. My art can be viewed here.

You are the artist, the medium, and the art…